Up for bid is a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse ECTO 1-A custom build. Clear title, not salvaged! This car was build for Comic Cons, Conventions, Parades and Charity events. Since moving out of New Orleans I have had some time to start working on upgrades to lighting switchboard for lights and extras for the car. This car comes with A LOT OF extras.the Driver compartment contains a new toggle board with indicator lights, switch’s for lights, led touch pad for extra led strip lights (if added) battery charge indicator (marine battery), volt meter for shore power voltage. Also has master switch’s for custom containment unit which can be run 12v or 110v. Switch for power amp or you can change that switch to something else (amp not included) Roof switch with turns on a 110v plug on the roof for speakers and extra lights or blow up Halloween decorations ext. There also a computer monitor that you can hook a laptop too or gaming system. Also a speaker box with 2 10inc speakers and a subwoofer up front. There’s also the siren switch box, with is custom made from Fencher Technology. It’s included and has the 1984 sirens and 2016 one. This was hooked to 2 LOUD HORNS ONNTHE ROOF.(currently disconnected , but I’ll reconnect b4 pick up) front seats 3! Partition glass is intact and working. Rear (casket area) in the rear area passenger side is the power sys. 1 2000 watt power inverter witch runs all the lights, sound and power outlets.(power inverter has a switch on the switch board) it’s fused. Also there’s a large surge protector with front switches with indicator lights for power systems it has 8 banks. There also a regular surge protector for charging phones, laptops, iPads ext. There power banks for Negative connections and Positive Connections. There is a 110v hook up for the surge protector( when surge is plugged in power inverter all the lights and sound run of the marine battery) when the car it parked (like at a convention or party no need to keep the battery charged) plug the big surge protector in to the yellow 110v female, plug and extension cord to the 110v male on the outside and you have full power to everything via 110v. You can also charge the Marine battery while plugged in (trickle charger included) Marine battery is included with battery box in rear. On the Driver read side is the containment unit ( fully functional and interactive) switch/sound box built by Fencher Technology. 3 switch’s 1 key switch on/off/shutdown. The Main power switch is in the front, but sound in controlled st the unit, sounds include, hummm for 10 mins, trap noise, trap noise from the Video game and shutdown noise. Lights with sounds are yellow, green, blue, red. I have it on YouTube. This containment is COMPLETELY custom built by me. In the rear door glass is another monitor, I used it for play the movie and GB video game. Now for the top, the top rack has some ware, traveled a lot and did a lot of conventions and parades. The rack is light weight made of PVC pipe, it’s constructed to be light and easy to repair or change to metal/aluminum(was on my to-list) lights included are 2 code3 MX7000s (that have been gutted and rotors replaced with Brand NEW custom light bars that have multiple functions. The bars are multi colored W-A-G-B-R-G-A-W. The rear MX7000 lens has come cracks in it, but still usable. 1 whellen strobe bar ( currently off the car bc of re wiring of the LEDs. Will be on at pickup.) 1 traffic advisory stick *NEW* W-G-A-A-GW. Also there are 4 white with LED spot lights 2 in front 2 at the rear *new*. 1 red/blue/white spot on the top (custom build) 2 led sign boards in custom built boxes to get them out the rain and elements. Both working but one has a few LEDs out, was like that when I bought it. ***The rest is removable for travel on highway,  interstate and door clearance.***A slam trap (GB video game, custom build) subwoofer, it was a custom build in order to get more punch when playing music at parades, also has LED strip lights on it. 1 “GREEN BOX” box it built well, has a red beacon light on top with plugs in to the roof rack outlet mounted on roof Sat dish and ray dome(currently in RG rear of car) 2 pvc custom O2 tanks(drivers side) 1 red pvc(passenger side) storage tank, 1 pvp “gray tube with rotating light in it (not working, I’ll fix that b4 pick up) Now on to the car, for a 19+ year car it’s in good shape! V8 LTI engine, runs great. Fuel float in tank sticks some times, so the gauge can be strange, but does work. New head gasket and  full tune up 3 years ago, oil change currant. Brakes in good shape, tires are ok, may need changing at some point. The Vinyl on the roof had some hail damage when I got it. And it’s peeling a little on the driver side.(never got around to fixing up, just paint it.) CROME IS IN GREAT SHAPE! Shines!!!! ALL  Glass is In take and no cracks. Windshield is 3 years old. Rear glass in good shape. The paint has some wear as with a 19 year old car.(has the same wear when I got it) I have a locking gas cap in it (per convention rules) and I have keys for it. All decals in good shape, on “call us decal missing” driver side. The hood was peaking when I got it. Needs a clear coat on it(also on my list but never got around to it) all factory lights work except reverse light on bumper(I’ll see if I can fix) interior in ok shape some wear. Cab lights not working in front. (No clue there)Fixed a leaking break line last year, fixed a leaking power steering line this year. Transmission works great. Small oil leak( 19 year old car again) overall this car in is good shape. Even if you decide to rebuild the rack out of metal, you have 98% of the lighting, roof gadgets and stuff to build more! The great thing out of all that, 2 years ago ****Ernnie Hudson**** (WINSTON) signed the passenger side sun visor. I keep it Tarpped! I’ll post pic to prove it was him.

Price: Auction

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Location: Poplarville, Mississippi, United States